Cannabis bigger cancer risk than cigarettes - study

Reuters AlertNet - Jan 29, 2008Studies in the past have demonstrated that cannabis can cause cancer, but few have established a strong link between cannabis use and the actual incidence of lung cancer. In an article published in the European Respiratory Journal, the scientists said cannabis could be ..

Cannabis-related Schizophrenia Set To Rise, Say Researchers

Science Daily - Science Daily (press release) - Mar 26, 2007The research study matches historic trends in cannabis use and exposure from a national population survey against estimates of new occurrences of schizophrenia in three English cities (Nottingham, Bristol and the London Borough of ..

Medical marijuana

Medical marijuanaThe medical uses of cannabisApr 27th 2006From The Economist print editionIF CANNABIS were unknown, and bioprospectors were suddenly to find it in some remote mountain crevice, its discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise its potential for ..

Various strains of cannabis

Although there are hundreds of strains of cannabis in existence, there are also many rumors and Gorilla Glue. Many alleged strains, such as Purple Haze, are very predominant in pop-culture (see right), but the actual existence of many of these strains is uncertain and the slang terms used to refer ..

Cannabis Reproduction

Cannabis is predominantly dioecious, although many monoecious varieties have been described. Subdioecy (the occurrence of monoecious individuals and dioecious individuals within the same population) is widespread. Many populations have been described as sexually labile. As a result of intensive ..

Cannabis Etymology

The plant name cannabis is from Greek κάνναβις (kánnabis), via Latin cannabis, originally a Scythian or Thracian word, also loaned into Persian as kanab. English hemp (Old English hænep) may be an early loan (predating Grimm’s Law) from the same source. In Hebrew the word is ..

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