CBD in Headache - Can Cannabidiol Help with Migraine?

Around 54 million Germans suffer phases of headache at some point in their lives. With a share of 90 percent, tension headaches and migraines are most common. Although over-the-counter analgesics are usually the first attempt at therapy, they also bring with them unpleasant side effects. Whether CBD ..

CBD as an anti-aging agent - does cannabidiol work against wrinkles?

young people in their 20s barely behind. But when the first fine lines of laughter or a few gray hairs appear, it motivates many to do more for their bodies. After all, anti-wrinkle creams today are not just reduced to anti-wrinkle creams, they also describe a lifestyle: strengthening and nourishing ..

Study demonstrates potential of CBD in chronic pain

Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada in October, a team of scientists from the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) and McGill University in Montreal delivered encouraging news for chronic pain patients by evaluating the effective dose of cannabidiol marijuana plant extract (CBD) for ..

How anyone can benefit from CBD

When talking about CBD, it quickly indicates the manifold medical potential. The use of cannabidiol is by no means limited to people with health problems. Although the cannabinoid has a promising medicinal effect and can significantly increase the well-being, CBD is also excellent for "healthy ..

Does cannabidiol have side effects?

For over two years now, products containing the cannabis drug cannabidiol, or CBD for short, are on the rise in the wellness industry. Many users cure small symptoms that accompany their everyday life, or use CBD for relaxation. Others go one step further and treat chronic diseases, in consultation ..

Addictions -Cannabidiol can alleviate them

The life of a problematic addict is almost entirely about his addiction. He often has more to do with fundraising and addiction satisfaction than someone who works full-time. People who come home from detoxification often do not have much to do and fall into a hole that almost automatically returns ..

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