CBD and stress

What is stress? Going back to our ancestors, stress was a survival factor. In stress situations, the body releases more hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, we become more concentrated and can focus on the situation. Such as fleeing from enemies or preparing for a fight. Stress in itself is ..

CBD effective against migraine

Migraine symptoms and why CBD helps against it Migraine is a Greek word meaning "half skull" - presumably because the other half is disabled by severe pain. Around seven percent of men and 13 percent of women suffer from it. In most cases, migraine occurs more frequently between the ages of 25 and ..

Restless Legs Syndrome and CBD - Promising?

If you are a layman to deal with the RLS, the so-called restless legs syndrome (translated: disease of restless legs), then you quickly realize how little known this disease is. Since the term seems to paint a very clear picture of the symptomatology to the one who translates the English term, the ..

CBD in atopic dermatitis

Neurodermatitis sets in from the point where the epidermal skin barrier is broken by injury or irritation. Allergens are more common and cause defense reactions. These have inflammatory and itchy effects, further scratching the epidermal skin barrier and allowing even more allergens to invade. The ..

Synthetic cannabinoids

In any case, even partially synthetic cannabinoids are something artificially created, which can have a completely different effect on its starting materials. Accordingly, THC and CBD consist of the same atoms, which are even arranged exactly the same. Only one other double bond is the difference ..

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